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Steve Martinez

Papa Martini

Original Art for sale

Make me an offer on these available pieces.
Faces-11x15-Acrlics on Watercolor paper. $100
Rainbow mane-Watercolors on 11x15 inch paper. $50
Corporate Growth-Acrylics on 24x48 inch canvas - $500
Dark Rain-Acrylics on 16x20 inch canvas-$100
Wild - Acrylics on 11x15 inch watercolor paper - $50
The Sea-Acrylics on 10 inch square canvas - $50
Branches-Acrylics on 10x10 canvas-$50 - Original.
Warrior-acrylics on 10 inch square canvas-$50
Amaryllis. 2019. Acrylics on 16x20 inch canvas. $50.
Love. 2019. Drawing. Markers on 5.5x8.5 inch paper. $25.00
Blue Tuesday. 2019. Acrylics on 10 inch square. $25.00
Portal. 2019. Watercolors on 11x15 inch paper. $50.00
American Celebration
Flowers and Clouds 11x14 Acrylics
Fours - 16 x 20 inch acrylics

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What I think about me
About me: I am a 40 years married, father, minister, Vietnam Era US Army Veteran, a York-a-rican Texan, triple bypass survivor, conservative, Christian. I celebrated my 69th birthday in December. Izzy, my wife, and I have two grown children and one child waiting for us in Heaven. Yes, that is another story about which to write at some future date. I draw, doodle, sketch, and paint. I mint NFTs. 

My current painting life began at Houston Community College in Spring 2007. My job with Shell Oil had been outsourced. I knew that I needed to get more credits towards a Bachelor’s degree so I enrolled for classes. I wanted to do something other than the business courses so I signed up for Painting 101. Michael Golden, my art teacher, was so supportive. He had a way of finding the good in any piece, person, and situation. This allowed me the freedom to express myself on canvas and learn techniques. This leads up to and through the October 2008 bypass surgery. August 2009, I signed up for Painting 2 at HCC with Laura Lark. We had some moderate to severe differences of art opinion, but I learned more about techniques and criticism than I expected. And so I painted. October 2021. My 3 foot by 4 foot painting, Diversity, was selected to hang in East Montgomery County Improvement District offices at The Atrium Center. Currently, my art seems to me to be mostly abstract. My art is for sale as I make my way through my sixties with the probability of never being employed again. You can find me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/papamartiniart) and Instagram ( @papa_martini). Thank you. I enjoy meeting my collectors.

Make every moment count.

Peace and Blessings!

Saturday - 1/5/2019

Art as Income

I decided to pursue art as an income source. I know it is possible. I have earned some income.

Now I am considering my creations as an income source of major proportions.

Thanks to so many of you that are supporting me.

Sales and Marketing are key to any business.

You can locate more of my art with prints available at https://www.zazzle.com/prdad007 and

https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-steve-martinez.html .

Follow me on facebook at www.facebook.com/papamartiniart.

I have a few products on artscow, artful, threadless. More about those later.

I always respond personally as quickly as I can. So feel free to correspond.

Be Blessed!

Oh, donations of support accepted at www.paypal.me/steveandizzy.

Social networks-@papamartini

This should be free. If not, let me know: https://www.voice.com/airdrops/6dWkryi85Vwd
113 days ago
@jams2blues As do I. I hope the market revives. The premise is valid. NFTs should have an amazing permanent future.
2313 days ago
Fixin' ta burn this one soon. not a threat, a promise. Check out this NFT "Watercolors Kandinsky style by Papa" only on @VoiceHQ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001590066 #OnlyOnVoice
1113 days ago
Not gonna burn the turkey, but this and others are history. Check out this NFT "Angel on Red" only on @VoiceHQ https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001599244 #OnlyOnVoice
13 days ago
Check out this account on OpenSea, name your price https://opensea.io/PapaMartini007 via @opensea
113 days ago
I fully understand. See you on objkt or opensea. I think it was just a matter of time.
I am severely disappointed in Voice. I am burning and moving EVERYTHING today. No longer Gas free, no longer free to mint, no longer supporting auctions, no longer carbon neutral, no longer community oriented, dead discord, uncommunicated changes, feeling used and abused. Bye Bye
213 days ago
It's like talking to the walls. 600 tweets per month and no sales. Time for a new product?
1313 days ago
Featured Art of the Day: "Green Angel Rising". Buy it at: https://www.ArtPal.com/papamartiniart?i=228675-27
13 days ago
Art should mean something.
3314 days ago
@wildy_martinez Stay hydrated.
114 days ago
I minted an NFT on @VoiceHQ. "Papa's Meditation Mandala 1.1" is now available for purchase. https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001120398 #OnlyOnVoice one USDC. no gas fees.
1214 days ago
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1114 days ago
@JackPosobiec Liar!
14 days ago
I minted an NFT on @VoiceHQ. "Crystalline Love" is now available for purchase. Pay 1 USDC. https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001220217 #OnlyOnVoice
114 days ago
Michelle Leigh, 1988-1994, left us after a mere 5 and a half years. The agony of a child taken too soon. The tears never seem to stop. The pain is unresolvable. You just take another breath, then another. Missing her greatly today. Life goes on. Make more art.
1614 days ago
@wildy_martinez Stay Warm.
114 days ago
Featured Art of the Day: "The Flow". Buy it at: https://www.ArtPal.com/papamartiniart?i=228675-18
114 days ago
I minted an NFT on @VoiceHQ. "That Face" is now available for purchase. https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001263093 #OnlyOnVoice now 1 USDC.
1315 days ago
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1215 days ago
Come see me on OpenSea https://opensea.io/PapaMartini007 via @opensea
115 days ago
I minted an NFT on @VoiceHQ. "Stars Crossing" is now available for purchase. https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001280859 #OnlyOnVoice price reduced
1215 days ago
Now 1 USDC, I minted an NFT on @VoiceHQ. "Question Everything" is now available for purchase. https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001281451 #OnlyOnVoice
1115 days ago
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1115 days ago

April 2022-ATCS and NFts

Papa Martini learns and grows
So Many Ideas. This is actually an ATC, a 2.5 x 3.5 inch artist trading card. I have been trading internationally. I have also been very busy listing and minting NFTs. You can find my creations at http://www.voice.com/papamartini If you want any information about any of my creations, please email or otherwise contact me. I stay busy but I assure you that I answer all my correspondence in a timely manner.  Enjoy!
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